Adjustable Brackets

It is always refreshing changing the look of your room and brand new curtain poles can alter, and lend inventiveness to further ideas, for any room in the house. Whether you want opulence or plainness, we have a massive range to cater to your needs.

We have got a comprehensive collection of curtain pole brackets that have an adjustable projection which enables you to adjust the distance of the curtain pole from the wall. Adjustable brackets can only be wall fixed, they cannot be ceiling fitted as the extendable fastenings are not designed to put up with the weight of the curtains hanging directly down.

We have a comprehensive collection of adjustable curtain pole brackets available for all diameter rods and fitting requirements.

These brackets are the ideal solution for hanging your curtain pole from a surface or ceiling where there is limited space for a wall fixing. It is also useful for the case of bay windows as it can act as an end or support bracket.