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Pewter Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole

Pewter Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole

  • £34.99

Pewter Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole

Call it fashion or requirement as per interior of room, rising portiere rods also available in bronze material. These types of rods are quite different from standard or swing arm portiere rods. As per the movement of the door, rising portiere rods allow the curtains to move along with the door.

Not just to make the interior of your room even attractive, curtains used to maintain the temperature of the room as well. These rising portiere rods are specially designed as when you don’t need curtains or want them to wash, you can remove them easily.

The rod rises as the door opens, this allows free movement to the door and saves curtains from sweeping on the floor also. These rising portiere rods are supported from both sides so it can easily support heavy drapes easily.

Factually rising portiere rods gives immense beauty to the hall decor. With style and practicality, you can enjoy both privacy and warmth by the rising portiere rods curtains. What we offer with rising portiere rods is 

  • Available in Pewter.
  • Comes complete with brackets and rings.
  • Can support curtains up to 2KG in weight.
  • Clearance around door will be required for lifting mechanism to work. Not suitable for recessed doors.