White Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole

White Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole

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White Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole

No one can give curtains the brush-off when it comes to the cosy interior outlook of your home. To put it simple, we can make the argument that a portiere rod is a type of door curtain pole that enables the curtain to leap up when the door is opened- so opposing it from dragging on the floor. If I am being brutally honest, rising portiere is an old-fangled method to give an amicable feel inside the room and keep the draughts out of the way. Yes, that’s the way it is.

One of the most important question people get asked about is why portiere rods are useful? The answer is simple. Alright, the Portiere Rods are basically smaller curtain poles used for door curtains because of the reason they are very advantageous in lessening any drafts or heat loss which at this time of year can do your head in. Portiere rods can be used even in warmer months of the year when you won’t be needing the curtains as these are designed in such a way that they enable the curtain to be detached easily.

The traditional Portiere Rod, also called as a Rising Portiere Rod, is installed to the door by making use of a pivoting bracket which ties to the frame or the wall at the side of the door.  The curtain will then follow the door every time it’s being opened or closed.

Portiere rods are extremely beneficial for the curtains over doors and also in dormer windows where there is no room to draw a curtain back. The hinge connects to the door frame or return wall and the pole reclines on a support on the door that permits the door to move around without moving the curtain. A second pole support is attached on the return wall so that the pole can be risen up and swung off the door and positioned on that support at times when the curtain is not needed across the door.

We supply white portiere rods which can be cut down to fit your taste and curtain styles. Give us a visit to pick out the perfect white portiere rods at competitive prices. Off you go!

  •  Available in White 
  • Comes complete with brackets and rings.
  • Can support curtains up to 2KG in weight.
  • Clearance around door will be required for lifting mechanism to work. Not suitable for recessed doors.