Drapery Arms

Well, to be brutally honest, Portiere & Drapery to interiors is what ornamentation to women is. Just like we buy things to look new-fangled, same goes for portiere & drapery as well. These are not just the elements of aesthetics but are something really, really important for the interior outlook of your home- no two ways about it.

If you've got a draughty front door or dormer window you might find it difficult to find the right pole to help you hang your curtains or drapes. We have a comprehensive range of portiere rods, door rods and swing arms that can fit into your requirements straight away.

The one-stop store to find the right portiere and drapery products is now within your earshot.  We have got years of experience in Portiere & Drapery which means there is no point of having trouble while getting you, your perfect match. Have a look at our stock and pick out the perfect door rods or swing arms or anything as per your needs.