Hollow Rings

Framing your windows with curtains is a terrific way to add sophistication and class to your room. Once you have singled out the best-suited pair of curtains in accordance with your room’s shape and size, then comes the real bear – hanging the curtains.

There is no denying the fact that curtain rings play an important part in hanging the curtains in a perfect way. We have got a complete range of hollow rings to suit your requirements. Complete your window treatment with curtain rings and add more elegance to your house.

Pick out the ring that's the ideal diameter for your hanging rail in a finish that fits-in with your pole. These comprise wood, chrome or antique brass hollow rings. Passing-rings allow you to move curtains flawlessly around a bay-window track so you can let the maximum amount of light come in. Check out our massive range of hollow rings and hang your curtains in a way you want.