Wooden Poles

Admiration of wooden poles for drapes proceeds with unabated as increasingly energizing new colours, themes and finials are presented. New designs and styles keep on coming into the market and with that in mind, we provide our new modern Wooden Poles for drapes and curtains.

This is actually the place from where you will get natural colours like the Hallis Hudson Origins, and beautiful alternatives like Blush or Mist from the Jones Handcrafted range. Our White Wooden Poles segment contains plain white, egg white, and Brushed Ivory. With a good range of diameter and finials what we offer our customers is really second to none. Our aim is to provide you with the best for your place.

When it comes to wooden pole set, we offer same colour finials, brackets and rings for your curtains as well. So that your curtains and drapes look even beautiful and match perfectly not just with each other but with the interior of the room also.

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