Black Fixed Portiere Rod

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Black Fixed Portiere Rod

So no matter there is any festival or not, it is winter or not, your windows and doors need clothes. Curtains do not just give your room a new delicate look but it is also used to keep the room warmer by using them on the door.

To hang the drapes on doors there are many types of rods are used. But overall there are two major types for them, one is Black fixed portiere rods while the other one is Rising Portiere Rods. Usually, Portiere Rod does not lift when opened but rather swings open with the door. It is good if you have little headroom in the recess over the door if you are planning to install black fixed portiere rod there.

Portiere Rods are comparatively a bit smaller window drapes poles. Usually, they are used for the entrance door not only to make room beautiful but also to avoid the loss of heat in cold weather. In hotter months where these drapes are not useful anymore to maintain the room temperature can be removed. All portiere rods are designed in that way with which you can remove curtains easily if they are not needed anymore or you want them to wash as well.

On the other hand to the customary (Rising) Portiere Rod, is the 'swing arm' Portiere. Much like the customary Rising Portiere Rod, it is intended for door shades yet rather to following the door it is intended to act freely. This implies the drapes remains beside the wall and can be shut physically at whenever needed.

Portiere bar is a post that fits the entryway, on the pivot side of the door, you fix the pivot end of the portiere. The other portiere side fits the door itself. As the entryway opens the portiere bar swings with it. A Door Curtain Pole either specially made to attach to door surround or just a normal portiere which is fixed by brackets are strong enough to carry your heavy drapes. Usually, it is 2 kg which is easily carried by any drape pole. In Portiere Rod, we can have a variety of poles type which matches and fits according to the inside of the room.

  • Swivel Arm
  • Arm Bracket 
  • Full Screwing Kit 
  • 106cm Black Rod