NEW Black Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole

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Black Rising Portiere Rod (42" / 106cm) - Door Curtain Pole


Like other things in your home, curtains are something really, really important when the art of enhancing the aesthetic of your interior decor comes into play. These are crucial to the overall look of your home- no ifs, and, or buts about it.

Before we delve into which kind of rising portrait you should get your hands on, let’s see what actually rising portiere rod has to offer to you.

Alright, let’s put it that way. In layman’s terms, a portiere rod is a kind of door curtain pole but unlike the latter, the former enables the curtain to rise up as the door is unlocked- so stopping it from dragging on the floor. Well, a bit outdated method to help give a homey feel inside the room and keep the draughts at a distance. That’s not gross, that’s how it goes.

These rods are made to fit over doors where a curtain is necessary to keep out draughts. Unequivocally, black rising portiere rods provide a perfect solution when you get to enjoy the privacy and amiability of a door curtain without having to worry about moving it out of the way whenever you need to open the door.

Both elegant and viable, this easy-fit black portiere rod attaches to the frame of the door so that the curtain makes the move with the door. Crafted in sturdy tubular steel, you’ve got a bunch of choices of finishes such as black riding portiere rods and while rising portiere rods. The rising door curtain pole can be cut using a hacksaw for the perfect fit but it needs intense care to cut it using a junior hacksaw.

  • Available in Black
  • Comes complete with brackets and metal rings.
  • Can support curtains up to 2KG in weight.
  • Clearance around door will be required for lifting mechanism to work. Not suitable for recessed doors.