Standard Drapery Arm

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Standard Drapery Arm

On the off chance, if you have ever tried to hang draper from a standard rod on a door, you will know why this drapery arm is so important. There is a bracket which connects the wall along the edge of the door and turned with the purpose so that the entire thing can be pulled aside and out of the way when the drape is opened.

A drapery arm is a kind of draper rod hung on one side by the bracket which enables the rod to rotate. It usually uses at the doors to lessen breezes and is likewise alluded portieres as well.

Drapery arms give a nice solution for blind panels, dormer windows and door draperies. They can also be utilized to hold beautifying drapes to spare some portion of a room. There is a bracket available in our stock for support and hold the drapery arm against the wall when it is not in use.

Made by solid iron or durable tough steel tube, they can take the load of a run of the casual and heavy door drape. Variety of brackets which are available in our stock allow fixing in so many different ways. Drapery arms are additionally very helpful to enable blinds to be hung in a dormer window which normally used in pair and in the day time they swung back against the wall.

In dormer windows normally there isn’t any big space around especially above the window which makes difficult to fit drapery arm there. For such situation, there is an L shaped bracket use to hold the draper rod allow the arm to fit close to ceiling or wall.

It is comfortable and convenient using drapery arms on French doors and dormer windows, pulling back the draperies without darkening any light. The arm stretches out for the ideal fit made by a variety of metals with an upscale round finial. ABC has a huge and updated stock of drapery arms made by Brass, Chrome and also in Black finishing which not just match properly to the interior of your room but suits with the wall and curtain colours as well.

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