We have a comprehensive range of poles, including wooden, metal and Brass Poles to choose from. We want you to have an utter reliance on the product you are wanting to get your hands on, so we have produced easy to follow guides, including measuring poles for bay windows too. Our team will be happy to discuss any of your window dressing needs (be it a simple window or a new-fangled bay windows) so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, issues, or even if you just want to tell us about your lovely new poles.

Curtain rod brackets are accessible in different colours, sizes and materials. The brackets you single out will greatly rely on your taste and the style of curtains you want to hang.

Our range of metal and wooden brackets and other accessories are accessible in a number of finishes, sizes, colours and styles. So there’s no point having trouble while finding the right bracket for your curtains. Our range of curtain rod brackets has something for every interior style. Whether you’re are after adding an old-fangled charm with antique brass curtain brackets or hoping for a modern decor with satin steel fixings- we have got a complete solution for you.